Professional Flood Damage Cleanup and Restoration

By Jaimie Nissan

When it comes to a disaster like a flooding, the damage can be minimized by quickly removing the water. A professional flood damage restoration company can accomplish this in a just a few hours for most homes.

Restoration teams bring in pumps to remove water from basements and other rooms. If the power has been knocked out, they should have generators or generator trucks on-hand to ensure continuous electrical power throughout the process. Flood water removal is only the first step, however. Once the water is gone, any company you hire should be able to bring in a large inventory of equipment to dry the structure, furniture, and other personal property.

The next step is to remove everything possible from the home. Removal reduces the chance of furniture leaving stains on the carpets and starts the process of determining which property is restorable and what is beyond repair. With the items removed, team members use water extractor wands to draw out moisture from floors and carpets. This action reduces the chance of wood floors warping and carpets from rotting. If there was a pad underneath the rug, it should be removed and replaced. Padding is low-cost, and a replacement is usually cheaper than attempting to dry and return it to the house.

As the water is drawn out, other team members begin to lower the air moisture level to normal levels. They set up dehumidifiers to draw moisture from the surrounding air; these machines remove up to 25 gallons of water per day, depending on the size of the machine and humidity level. Air moving machines circulate air through an affected room and outside the home. These same air movers are also useful in drying structural material such as wood paneling, floor trim and sheetrock (also called drywall). When placed properly, air movers force air across wet surfaces, drawing out moisture into the air where is removed by the dehumidifiers.

As the interior is dried out, team members also secure the home against further storm damage. They board up windows and other entrances to the home; this not only prevents loss from the elements but reduces the incidents of trespassing, vandalism, and theft. If the roof is damaged, restoration technicians use plywood and plastic sheeting to block weather access until a permanent repair.

At first, many homeowners are overwhelmed by the task of restoring their home to its original state. To ensure a swift and professional process, you should call an established flood damage restoration company in your area.

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